3 Questions You May Have About Heart Health and Incontinence

Posted on: February 10th, 2018 by ValleyHomeMedicalSupplyBlogger

There’s hearts, chocolates and cupids everywhere this time of year. February plays host to Valentine’s Day, but did you know that it’s also American Heart Month?

While many people are aware of the dangers of heart disease, fewer are aware of its connection to other health conditions, including incontinence. An estimated 25 million Americans have some form of bladder disorder, and half of those who have heart issues have incontinence. It’s not a pretty or fun subject to talk about, but given how many people live with it, we thought it would be worth our while to touch on it.

  • Why is it Connected?

Heart issues can impact incontinence in a couple different ways. On one hand, it can cause someone to have to urinate often. On the other, it can cause you to have urine backup, which will cause you to have to go to the bathroom suddenly and without warning.

Additionally, heart issues can bring in a host of other problems, such as diabetes and stroke, which themselves can increase your probability of having incontinence issues.

  • How can I cut back on heart-related incontinence?

Healthier lifestyle choices can help you overcome incontinence issues. This includes quitting smoking, eating a better diet and getting regular exercise. Another step to take is reviewing your medication. Some drugs that treat heart conditions can also cause you to experience incontinence.

We would never encourage you to stop taking your heart medication. Talk to your doctor about strategies to overcome unwanted side-effects.

  • What are some of those strategies?


Your doctor may tell you to change the time you take your medication. Timing your bathroom breaks can also help, as you’re emptying your bladder before you have the sudden urge to go. Making adjustments to your diet, such as cutting out caffeine and sugar, can have a positive impact as well.


In addition to following some of the above tips, you can also swing by and see our friendly staff! We carry a number of adult incontinence products, and can find the right product for you.

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